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Is Your Child Struggling With Math?

We can make it easier for your child to learn math with our unique approach to teaching this valuable skill.

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Is Your Child Bored With Math?

We can spark your child's interest in learning again. Bring out your child's natural learning abilities.

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We Can Help! Improve Math Skills and Confidence

Our unique teaching methods we can help improve your child's math skills and overall academic confidence.

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Give Your Child The Best Education


Put Your Child on the Path to Success

A+ World Education opens a new chapter in learning mathmatics for your child. Our teaching method is derived from a set of sciences that have been developed by teaching experts with more than 30 years of teaching experience in China and the United States. Through years of research and testing, this set of teaching methods has trained thousands of students to succeed and achieve in academics.

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Focused Teaching Courses



Introduction of basic number concepts in a fun, playful environment.

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Primary School
Grades K - 5

Emphasizing basic math skills and concepts to create a solid foundation.

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Middle School
Grades 6 - 8

Introduction to algebra and further complex computational subjects

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High School
Grades 9 - 12

Systematic studying and tutoring to prepare for SAT and ACT tests

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"A+ is the goal of children’s learning and our wish as teachers.."

The meaning of mathematics in life

Mathematics is not only a science but also a world language. The solid foundation of mathematics from an early age will be an indispensable factor in your future professional success.